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We have been working on the development of Kastelypark Clilnic since 2003. I must say we have the same goals from the very beginning and we succeeded in establishing the institute I planned based on my 42-year experience as surgeon and medical director and visiting various health care systems worldwide.

Our idea has been very slowly received in Hungary as we were trying to establish an institute where the health service can be compared to the West European level of care: the hospital building itself, the safety and instrumentation of the operating theatre, the reception and patient pathway for the outpatient and inpatient services, the patient experience of a relaxed work environment in the hospital – all working together to strengthen the Hungarian healthcare system. Kastelypark Clinic is a privately founded hospital nevertheless it provides services for patients with the Hungarian universal health insurance in over 90% of the cases. Our main profile is sports surgery and various other fields of musculoskeletal surgery. We try to broaden our spectrum for musculoskeletal surgery on a yearly basis and do our work using evidence-based medicine.

Kastelypark Clinic is one of the dedicated providers for the Hungarian national Olympic team and several other elite athletic teams, but we also see recreational sportsmen. We have a working partnership with the University for Physical Education, the Medical University in Debrecen as well as the University for Physiotherapy in Pecs. Currently Kastelypark Clinic is working on establishing a special research team for regenerative medicine and cartilage restoration. We want to help patients with cartilage lesions using the best conservative or surgical treatments available to date. Members of our research team are well established national and international specialists.

Dr.Béres György

Our coworkers are committed health care workers who all agreed to provide high level healthcare without donation from the patients. All doctors receive payments from the clinic only. Within this unique health care system we hope that experts will not leave our country (or only for the sake of training).
Ever since the establishment of our clinic the maintenance, the quality of our instrumentations and supportive techniques have all been continuously maintained and updated providing long-term future for this institution.
We hope that you will find useful information browsing our website!
Best regards,
Dr Gyorgy Beres,
Medical Director, Chief executive officer